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I'm responsible for some 120 people. I do not check each individual on a daily basis, but contexts such as calls are checked everyday. I don't want anything slipping through the net.

This seems a real flaw with OF. There appears to be no way of assigning a task to a context as well as an individual without creating your own @tags in the subject line.

OF appears adequate for an individual completing tasks relating only to himself. This just isn't feasible for people who work as part of a team or those in leadership. Perhaps I'll have to go back to Taskpaper if I cannot come up with good solution.

I'm surprised with all the bell's and whistles on OF that such fundamental functionality does not exist.

I don't want to get into the multiple contexts per task argument, but am beginning to think that the lack of this ability or the lack of tags severely restricts OF for those of us that manage people as well as tasks.