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There's been a robust discussion about this in other threads, but in the post an omni staffer seems to indicate it will be optional.


2010-03-02, 07:36 PM
Quick post to clear up any confusion: this is a great thread. Big thanks to everyone that's participating; we are paying attention. The suggestions here will help us determine how this should work in the final release of OmniFocus for Mac 1.8.

We're working really hard on iPad apps right now, and we expect that to continue for a while. Since the various apps share code, our iPad app work can cause the build system to put out a new sneakypeek release of the Mac app, even if we haven't directly worked on that project.

In the meantime, folks contributing to this thread should not be discouraged. It's going to be a while before 1.8 is finalized, but when that happens, it's going to reflect the suggestions and ideas here.

Since we do plan to change things before going final, the folks that don't like the new behavior of groups/projects in context mode won't miss out on anything if they switch back to 1.7 for a while. We'll be sure to update the forums when we revisit this.

Thanks again, everyone!