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Rob, wonderful! Bridges two excellent tools.

Three suggestions: include a property to disable Growl. Instead of not finding Growl and simply moving on, the Applescript interpreter is opening it's pointless "where is it ..." dialog.

Second, perhaps someday the script could parse FT tags (@tag), interpret them as contexts if the line is a task, and assign the relevant context in OF. Ultimately, maybe parsing json-ish strings for start and due dates, such as:

{start:201210050800} and {due:201210101500} where time is the last 4 digits of the string, in 24 hr notation.

If a task in FT is checked done, then it probably shouldn't import into OF. Checking for doneness and ignoring it also makes the FT document more flexible (don't have to start a new .todo mode section, just append the existing lists).

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