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Thanks for the feedback - that's very helpful.

Ver 007 above should, I think, use the Applescript dialog when Growl is not installed (and avoid the compile-time error message). Let me know if that doesn't seem to fix it.

Processing FT tags, including some form of date yes, good thought, and that was at the back of my mind as something to do. I may look at my old TaskPaper parser to see how that handled things. I think it treated the first user-defined tag on the line as the context.

(And yes, a default of suppressing the import of @done lines sounds helpful thanks)

Postscript - the built-in OmniFocus to TaskPaper exporter is (like my earlier scripts) using these conventions:
test date @flag @mins(15) @start(2012-10-05) @due(2012-10-07 17:00)
So by default I think I'll stick to them for FoldingText export/import.


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