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Wow, just from reading all the threads from the last few weeks (when I started to seriously try to make OF work for me) I've come to the conclusion that (surprise, surprise) you can't please everyone. Especially in the case of GTD where the core ideas are based on strategies to be more effective/productive/whatever but where no specific implementation or workflow is specified.

I know one of the main ideas behind OmniFocus is to be flexible or powerful enough for people to use it to the max, or decide not use the parts they don't want. But from the forum discussions it seems like most people do want to use all the features - they just want those features to behave in different ways that are consistent with how an individual can be more productive, but which are inconsistent with the ways an other individual would prefer.

A lot of people have suggested "make X work this way, but give an option to turn it off". Maybe something to think about would be to go way overkill on configuring the way everything in OF works, but then to ease the burden and lower the complexity for the OF neophyte, create different default config profiles that are available out of the box along with documentation that explains the workflow ideas behind each one.

E.g. "project-oriented", "list oriented", "action-centric", "stuff-centric", whatever. I know this isn't a well-formed or really specific suggestion but I figured I'd just throw it out there as food for thought.