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Come to think of it, I don't see how Anna's suggestion would work when planning within a project. If I'm brainstorming actions within a project, I just want to dump them in before worrying about contexts. If they immediately went to the inbox, that wouldn't work. MEP's suggestion that context-less actions appear in both the inbox and their project would be interesting to experiment with. It seems like including such actions in the inbox could be controlled with a preference. On the engineering side, it would just be an additional database query.
Yes, I should have been clearer. I like MEP's suggestion that the inbox be a view on context-less actions, definitely NOT that things are moved out of the project into the inbox (that's the behaviour we have now, except that it takes two steps to unset the context and project).

Action groups is a fair point, too. It would be really annoying if action groups kept popping into the inbox.

I might toy with a "Planning" context, as suggested. That gives me an easy way of noting when something isn't fully processed and taking care of it when I'm in the right frame of mind.