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How about using the link function found in Format > Text > Link ...
Maybe that would do what you need.
There are a couple of issues with this:

1. It would work better with my workflow just to drag the file into the text and have the name appear rather than selecting text, selecting from a hierarchical menu and then entering the file path or dragging the file to the sheet. Personally, I think GTD apps need to be able to make and break links to files and folders quickly and easily, as task and project needs evolve.

2. If you select text and then this menu choice, a sheet appears that allows you to enter the file path in a box by dragging the document and dropping it onto the box. Unfortunately, when this is saved, OF prepends "http" plus a colon and three slashes to the path (It should be "file", I think). When this is clicked, Safari tries to open the file and fails if it's not markup or text. Apparently the text links are meant only for Web resources.

3. Oddly, if you select text and then choose "Attach file" from the contextual menu, the file icon is inserted at the front of the selected text, similar to dragging the file to that location (and with similar click behavior), and the text does not participate in the link.

So neither of these approaches fits my needs.

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