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has it to be Inquisitor by all means ?

install Butler and you'll get a fully customizable search entry field IN THE MENUBAR among other great features like shortcuts for each and every thinkable action like launching (even groups of) apps, opening documents, opening folders, opening web addresses of your main sites by simple shortcuts and so on ... also scripts can be used by shortcuts ... another great feature are unlimited paste boards, sytem shortcut groups (if you want in the menu bar or at any position at the edge of the screen) ... etc, etc ...

the search bar is functioning with the declared main browser, so, if you decide to change the main browser, the search, with dozens of your own serch engines, continues to work.

one hint though:
you'll be best advised to think about a system of shortcuts prior to creating them, for instance:
all typing shortcuts using ctrl-shft + any (meaningful) key,
all all web links using ctrl-opt-shft + any (meaningful) key,
all maintenance apps using ctrl-opt-cmd + any (meaningful) key
all utilities using opt-cmd + any (meaningful) key

get Butler here, it's free:

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