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I'm doing some electrical schematic / wiring work for aircraft. I would love to see Omnigraffle with a stencil set for aviation related electrical schematic diagrams.

Is anyone aware of this? ...

I created a good stencil for ladder logic electrical schematics, which I used to create a diagram for a BMW motorcycle electric system:
(oops, the URL is disallowed since I am new, will post later)(or google and see the Tech page)
I too was surprised to find no stencils already available.
I want to submit my stencil to GraffleTopia, but there are some annoying bugs, which I have reported:
-the connection points of a grouped object, like a simple NO Switch, do not nicely snap to grid, so wiring it up can be a pain.
-the "selection perimeter" around some grouped objects is sometimes so large that you have to temporarily move it away in order to select something else.

But my friends are very pleased with the final diagram I made with OmniGraffle.