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Automatic layout is great! I want to use it all the time, but lately I've found that it is most useful when I first start working on a diagram and then not so useful after I've got some things like I want. I've found that I can group items and that helps some. I've also started using the Lock button, and that's also helpful. What would really be great is to have both Automatic Layout and Automatic Re-alignment. The simplest way to explain or demonstrate what I mean is to create a hiearchical document then use the alignment tools to align a document title (text) along the top and center of your document. By default, the "Automatic layout" box should be checked, so as you add items to the composition the diagram will automatically layout those items and the canvas will grow. Your title will no longer be top-centered. It would be awesome if that title would continue to stick to the top-centered alignment. Even better, if you could "relate" some items (not group) and then check the imagined Automatic Re-alignment option. Perhaps, something like this is already possible?