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I'm "fairly" comfortable with styles in OmniOutliner, nevertheless I am frequently flummoxed, whereas, by now, I'd think I should have a comfortable flow throughout the application.

So I'll mention two beguiling aspects of styling in OmniOutliner:
  1. I'm often unclear about when the Style inspector is going to add an additional style to just the selected rows or columns, and when it is updating a row level or column level style (i.e. making a global style change). Seems like the only way to set styles is when a level is selected in the utilities sidebar. And this leads to the next issue.

  2. I know how to select a row and column levels but—from my perspective—doing so is a mine sweep. I have to click the levels in the utilities sidebar and observe what gets selected in the outline. Seems backwards.

    I think it would be far intuitive to have a mechanism that does the reverse. Click a level in the document; have a means for identifying this.

And I agree with the user who recommends the Pages approach. It is fairly elegant.

Also limiting in Outliner:
  • styles are ALWAYS associated with (a property of?) a level. Why not have styles be styles, which could be applied to any level?
  • And where oh where is the import/export styles?

Overall it's hard for me to imagine a simpler outliner. Keep up the good work. I use OO everyday!