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I created an "Alpha" testing environment because I wanted to test the synchronize with ical feature. The success of this feature is necessary for my ultimate adoption of OmniFocus.

I am happy to report that in Revision: 87478 things are working beautifully. A new calendar is created for each context. When you cross something off in ical and "synchronize with iCal" it will update omnifocus.

For this feature to be successful, here are the things that I think need to happen:

1) The project will be listed in brackets after the NA. This worked a few days ago, but it would be important to bring it back.

For example, sometimes in a NA, I just write call Bill about the revision. Currently on ical, this would show up:

call Bill about the revision

it would be better if this showed up:

call Bill about the revision [Garcia Project]

2) I think it would be essential to be able to choose which contexts you want to sync with ical. When you are syncing with palm you have a limited number of categories-- maybe 8. I currently have 10 contexts. I never want to see the email or computer context on my palm because I would always work out of omnifocus. I would only want my portable categories-- i.e. "walk" "home" and "errands"

What are your thoughts? What features do you need?