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OmniOutliner doesn't reflow text when it prints, so by default it scales the document to fit the width of the page.

You can turn off the "shrink to fit" scaling by selecting "Page Setup..." from the File menu, switching the top popup to "OmniOutliner Pro", and unchecking the "Scale to fit page width" checkbox. Once you've done this, you'll probably want to resize your window to make sure that it's no wider than one page: as you resize the window, OmniOutliner will display a Page Boundary line which you can use as a guide.

A common feature request is the ability to have OmniOutliner reflow the text automatically to fit on the page when printing. It's a little complicated in the case of multiple columns (which columns become narrower, and how much?), but we're definitely keeping this in mind as we think about future directions for OmniOutliner.