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. It could indeed be a good idea have the due date of the project applied by a default to all children actions. The user may later choose to set an earlier due date for one or more of the children (but not a later one, obviously, which would be a contradiction—and I realize therefore that such a feature would require some new underlying logic).
You'll be happy to know that OmniFocus works this way - the cells only show dates assigned to the item itself, but the sorting, grouping, and due soon/overdue statuses all take the parent/grandparent/project/etc dates into account. OmniFocus looks at them all, then uses the earliest date it can find.

If you have a project due Friday, with one action due Thursday and one action with no due date, they'll all behave as you describe. (And if a third action has a Saturday due date set, the project will trump that. When Friday ends, it'll be treated as overdue.)