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what I said

I found that you can open iCal and drag items from the 'to do list' into a day on the calendar if you like

for what it is worth

Yup thats what I am doing. A bit of an extra step but one worth taking. I wonder if:

1. They could just default a 1 hour increment back from the due date of an item when it is given one and no start date and place it on the calendar?

2. 1 hour forward of the start date with no end date and place it on the calendar...

3. If the item has both start and end dates to put it in the calendar spanning the time frame

4. Otherwise if the item does not have a due date or end date then put it in the task list.

Seems to be a simple few lines of code with if statements before the export to ical, I could be wrong though I am not a coder.