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Hmm, looks like there might be a bug here too. After using Command-4 to get out to the sidebar, I can move the selected project up with Control-Command-up arrow, but OmniFocus gives me an error when I try to move it down with Control-Command-down arrow. I'll log a bug report.
Sorry to wander off-topic, but I wanted to clarify my earlier post. After looking at this error more closely, it appears as if the problem is that both the new, outdented project and the Inbox are selected. So trying to move them with Control-Command-Up/Down Arrow results in an error because the Inbox cannot be moved, which makes sense. I didn't realize the Inbox was still selected earlier.

Strangely, with the new project and Inbox selected, OmniFocus only reports an error when trying to move down with the key combination. No error is reported when moving up.

Anyway, I sent feedback to Omni Group, so they can decide if this warrants any kind of attention.

Again, sorry for the interruption in this thread.