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Thanks for all your input, Toadling. (I feel weird calling you 'Toadling.' Strange mental imagery. :)

I worked around this by creating a perspective that displays my Inbox in a smaller, separate window.
That definitely helps.

Thinking about this more, I'm not sure what you mean by the "Cmd-Rtn method". That key combination doesn't seem to do anything for me.
It functions in the context of setting the project. When you start typing in the project field, you have the option of either typing return to select OF's best match, or typing command return to use what you've typed so far as the name of a new project. Very handy ... except for the dilemma I've described!

You could even select multiple items in the Inbox, create a group around them with Command-Option-L, name the grouping, then outdent the grouping to make it into a project containing the actions.
Also handy, did not know about that one.

Again, sorry for the interruption in this thread.
No worries, mate. Not much of a thread to interrupt so far!

Anyone else got any workarounds for this UI dilemma? Anyone just agree that it's an issue? I'm trying to decide if it's worthy of reporting to Omni.