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First of all, congrats on version 6, I think it is a huge improvement over 5. I was always at odds with that darn floating inspector, gone are those days!

However, I do struggle with the stencils a bit. First of all, opening, closing - navigation in general is quite slow compared to V5. It takes a noticeable to considerable time to open some of the stencils. The same would open without a second's hesitation in V5.

I also think the rendering of the stencils themselves appear to be inconsistent with respect to size. I.e., in some cases stencils are small pictograms (the way I like it) in other cases they are huge. The color stencils in common for example make me feel I am playing with big lego blocks. Crazy.

Biggest problem I have is the fact that I find myself constantly scrolling. Imagine I grab an object from a stencil and place it in the drawing. The inspector now switches to what it thinks is the most logical tool (object inspector). But if I want to drag more/similar objects from my stencils on, I will have to click the stencil inspector and again scroll to the area where I dragged the previous object from. If I am creating a diagram with electronics, I am likely first to place all the components, then connect them. But now I need to click and scroll all the time. Not cool, not cool at all ! This kind of clumsiness is bugging the snot out of me.

Also, the stencils are no longer a collapsible list; the parent object is always expanded. For example, "Maps" is not just a single line item, it shows Africa, ANtarctica etc. on 7 subsequent lines. So with quite a few stencils added, I am working that mouse wheel again - scrolling like crazy all the time.

Last part, the inspection area appears it can be sized (vertical handle at the bottom) but doesn't let me. Bug ?

All in all, I like V6 but at least in the stencil area there are some workflow issues in my opinion.