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Would you please consider making the iOS apps universal? A lot of other developers that support both iPhone and iPad platforms do this and it has benefits for us (your customers) and you guys.

For us customers:
  • One app to buy. It feels archaic in 2013 having to buy the same thing twice for 2 devices.
  • Smaller install size with single app.
  • Less setup and tweaking

For your developers:
  • Single code base
  • Faster fixes and features
  • Less support

I saw another post where someone stated that it's not possible because the interfaces are different. It is possible whether you use Xcode Storyboards or XIBs or are doing HTML 5 compiled to native. I'm a developer too so I could show you. :-)

Please don't mistake this for a rant. I like your products, but this is an enormous downside to using them to keep my projects and tasks in sync and I'd like to see them improve even more. It's just a disconnected feeling and a lot more expensive than it needs to be at this point. Thanks for listening.