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If you can tell me which behavior it doesn't explain, I'll try to cover that as well
The still-unexplained behavior is how the links got "weirder." In testing the linking/attaching feature today, I have at least partly replicated that weirdness.

I use a Cirque EasyCat touchpad. If I press the Control key on my keyboard before I touch the trackpad, it just brings up a contextual menu. I now start creating a proper link (not an embedded file) in OOP by clicking on the Finder icon and dragging it toward its intended location in OOP. Before I drop it, I press the Control key too.

When the file I'm linking is an AppleWorks file, I have to hold the control key down until after I drop the icon into OOP. If I let up the Control key before I let up pressure on the trackpad, I get a button made in OOP that brings up an attached file (not the original) with a title like this: 1_#$!D@%!#_Doctors upd#A$C$BA (WP).

When the file I'm linking is an OOP file, it doesn't matter when I let up the control key. I haven't tried linking any other applications's files yet -- and don't have time for any more testing right now. If it's just AW that does this, it's no problem: I'm using OOP to replace all my old AW files anyway, because AW has started losing data on me. (OOP is more powerful; I like my new file management system better -- but I wouldn't have started this pain-in-the-neck conversion from AW to OOP if I didn't have to get rid of AW.)

The garbage title on the AW file embedded with early release of the control key... looks very familiar: that's what I saw last week when the "weirdness" started. But.... though I didn't record what was happening then, it's highly unlikely I used the control key at all.

Thanks for instructions how to submit suggestions to Help.

When I do a help request for "link" I do get the pages for Embedding files vs. creating aliases and Attaching files
Ah, yes: I see it now. So much for my ability to notice what I'm looking at.

Thanks for all your help, and for a great product.
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