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I'm trying to draw network diagrams with OmniGraffle (5.2.1), and the semi standard shapes I'm using (the Cisco generic network icons) are a shade of blue accented in white; which, along with their non-trivial geometric shape, makes it really hard to find a color to use for the label text that doesn't make it illegible against the shape color, the accent color on the shape, or the canvas background (i.e. white).

I'm wondering, is there a way to set a background color for a shape's label text?

On drawings imported from Visio with an existing label background color they display (well, my solid had turned into a blend, butů), so OmniGraffle certainly supports displaying it. I just haven't found any way to set it.

I'd really rather not have to use generic text boxes manually positioned on top of the shape for this.