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I'm a new user here. So far so good, but a newbie indeed.

I've made a superficial perusal of forum topics and have not yet found any discussion of this question.

Is it possible for one OF user to subscribe/contribute to another user's specific project, like iCal's ability to subscribe to another's calendar, except with the additional ability to contribute/edit action items?

Example: Both my wife and I have OF. Additionally we sync to our iPhone's version of the software. Could we have say a project called "Grocery shopping" to which we could both subscribe/edit/contribute, such that when either of us end up at the market, we would know what each of us needs, without having to call, email, text, yell or smoke-signal one another?

How cool would this be?

And, how much cooler would it be if I simply have not yet dug deep enough into documentation and forum activity to realize that this is possible.

Thanks for listening.