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Hi Folks,
I am running the trial of OmniFocus for my Mac right now and I am VERY impressed. HUGE congratulations to everyone who spent time developing it!

Anyways, I'd like to use OmniFocus for my business. (I have looked at OmniPlan but feel OmniFocus suits our needs better). Just so you know our situation at the office:

I have an iPhone, MobileMe, and a Macbook Pro (which I take home with me every day).

My boss has a windows machine and an iPhone, he does NOT have MobileMe.

Here are my questions:

1. Is the iPhone app robust enough for exclusive use? Basically because my boss will not be able to have a desktop app (as I understand it there is no web app available yet), will the iPhone app suffice? He does not need to add tasks (he can just e-mail me). He just needs to be able to easily find them and complete them. I realize this a subjective question, but any feedback would be appreciated.

2. Would it be possible to keep all three devices in sync in a "live" manner (like mobileme)? I'm not looking for instantaneous syncing, just hassle-free syncing (i.e it would be a hassle if my boss had to be near my computer for his phone to sync). Again, I have mobileme, my boss does not.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.