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Could someone help with the way to set up 2 macs with 2 iphones, with OF on all 4, please?

I have a Mac and and iphone, and OF on both, and works well with syncing.

I plan to get an iPhone for my wife, and install OF on her mac and her iPhone, and sync via her new account. A duplicate of my setup.

We would like to share the same OF database, and sync them up on the macs.

Question is, how do I sync my mac OF with my wife's mac OF without interfering with the existing mobileme syncing with the iphones?

I can sync both iCals on the two macs with BusySync, and the iCals sync with the iphones with mobileme, so I guess I am looking for the the same functionality for the 2 OF files as I have with BusySync.

I would appreciate detailed and explicit details on how to set up - maybe point to a fact sheet somewhere- I have searched for something like this, but cannot find. I am sure other newbies would also appreciate this sort of information.