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Question is, how do I sync my mac OF with my wife's mac OF without interfering with the existing mobileme syncing with the iphones?


I would appreciate detailed and explicit details on how to set up - maybe point to a fact sheet somewhere- I have searched for something like this, but cannot find. I am sure other newbies would also appreciate this sort of information.
Chris, if you're syncing your copies of OmniFocus to two separate MobileMe accounts you can't sync them together: you have to sync to the same sync database in order to share data. However, you might be able to have your wife's copies of OmniFocus sync to your MobileMe account (even though she has her own MobileMe account for email, iCal, etc.). And you could definitely sync both of your copies of OmniFocus to a completely independent WebDAV service such as or

If you need help setting this up, my advice would be to call our OmniFocus ninjas at 800-315-OMNI so they can try to walk you through your possible options. Once you get this set up, we'd love for you to report back here so others can learn from your experience!