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I currently have a v4 license, I haven't upgraded to v5 because I haven't found a reason yet.

I love Omnigraffle because of its ease to use mindmaps and put down ideas I have. I like to look at it as a giant whiteboard.

However, there's a feature I am looking for, and maybe it's hidden somewhere in v5. I have also looked at other applications but since I am familiar with OG, it would be better if it can be done here.

I want:
- The object you are clicking on should always be "in focus" (ie highlighted, or whatever).
- Objects that are not in focus should be dimmed. The further away an object are, the more it should be dimmed.
- Every object should have a description. Mouseover on an object should reveal the description.
- Between all object there should be space for a relationship description (this can be done today, but I want to be able to write more).

Does anynone understand what I mean?

/andreas :)

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