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...or some such equivalent.

I like that the home page on the iPhone app has a built-in "Overdue" perspective. (By the way, am I right that there is a conflict of terms here? On the iPhone it is "Overdue" but on the desktop app it is "Due").

But a lot of my actions tend to be ambiguous when not viewed within their project. For example, let's say that in my "Website content processing" project I have several folders of items that need to be processed for the website, e.g. a folder is called "innovation seminar" and the actions listed are "download video" "edit video" "convert video".

So here's the problem: I have several different folders in a project with the same actions. In fact sometimes I use a folder as a template for the new project. So in my handy "Overdue" view on the iPhone I have something called "edit video". But on the iPhone there is no way to easily and quickly see WHICH seminar I am overdue in editing. On the desktop client I can choose "Show in planning mode" and quickly identify that it's the video for the innovation seminar.