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Thanks for the tip, I would have never thought you could just "open" a csv. Perhaps an Import menu pick would be more obvious, for now it could do csv and MS Proj formats? Typically users (or me anyway) think of "open" for native formats and "import" for other formats.

So now that I have this working, I'm having trouble importing duration. My comma separated csv looks like this:

"Task","Duration","Start" "Resources","Comments/Notes"
"CLT Alpha Buildout",,06/23/2006,,
"CAMS Order Placed","1d",06/23/2006,"Chung Daniel",
"HW Build Review/Meeting","2d",07/26/2006,"Wan Feiwen",invite Bill
"Build specs received","4d",07/27/2006,"Yu Tehhen, Chung Daniel,"
"Deploy Doc updated","1d",08/02/2006,"Wan Feiwen",
When I import it all my durations are showing up as 1 day (1d), except "build specs" which shows up as "4h" not 4d or 1d. Very odd. What's the expected format for the duration field when it imports? Does this have something to do with the fact that my spreadsheet exported such that the duration field is enclosed in quotes?

Thanks for the tips!