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I have been using Things for a couple years now, but with my small company its getting to the point that I need to synchronize my task management with my employees, and it looks like OmniFocus will do that better (i.e., is capable of doing it at all). So this weekend I'm working on converting over to OmniFocus with the intention of having everything set up for my employees when they come back in on Monday. But I'm running into a lot of hurtles adapting OF to my workflow, or adapting my workflow to OF.

Biggest one seems to be that OF is very focused on "Projects", but about 80% of my tasks are single-action items. As the owner, I am always running around tying up loose ends and handling all the odd situations that come up. Single action items seem like second-class citizens, you can't have them stand alone in a folder, you have to keep them in a specific list? Am I perceiving this correctly? How do I get around this shortfall. Should I just make every action item a project?

What is a good framework for collaboration? I was thinking that each employee could have a folder and I could assign tasks by dropping them in their folders, and vice versa. UPDATE: looks like there are some threads I can read up about this on, but any specific suggestions would be helpful.