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Yes, OmniFocus is designed as a single-user program. OmniPlan is probably the better collaborative tool for multi-user environments.

There were talks about OmniPlan 2 being used in a multi-user environment and it would probably link to individual OmniFocus users.
We're planning some major updates to OmniFocus for Mac, polishing up its user experience to match the ease of use and aesthetics of the iPad edition, adding the Forecast and Review modes which we introduced in the iPad app, and adding support for syncing projects with OmniPlan.
We do have plans to make OmniPlan and OmniFocus sync with each other. Itís not featured in the OmniPlan beta because in order for this feature to work we need to update OmniFocus on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad first. Thatís a chunk of work that hasnít been completed yet, but itís definitely on our list of things to do!

There's also no guarantee that your employees will even want to use OmniFocus. Perhaps let them use their own personal tool such as gMail inbox or Outlook as their own task manager?

Download the demo for OmniPlan 2. That might be better for your multi-user workflow. It can publish a calendar of events and tasks to accomplish for any number of projects.