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Thanks for the feedback guys. Two minutes with OmniPlan tells me it is WAY over the top for what we are doing. Most of our projects aren't "knowledge work" they are real physical work. I have no need to orchestrate things in such detail. What I do need is a simple, fast, easy to use system for keeping track of the tasks I need to accomplish.

Really what I need is a pretty simple GTD style to-do list that can be a master list for the company. I think of something that needs doing and I can click and drag it to someones 'folder' to "delegate" it and they can see it at their workstation. Probably fine if everyone can see everything so they can dump things back on me too.

This isn't rocket science, it shouldn't be hard, other people must have the same needs I do.

@catone: My point is I don't want to have single-action items limited to a list where they are sequestered... in my workflow single-action items are the primary tasks I do, I need them to be able to mingle with the items from particular projects without any visual/mental barriers.