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New on the forums, adopted OF this summer after being initially turned-off...glad I went back and got my head around it!

I am frequently getting cryptic error msgs about Locked Files and "No root can reach tail transactions..." One is attached here. Somehow or other I have occasionally lost a few things around this, but am quite paranoid it will be more one day!

Rather than the sync, for the moment I just added ~/Library/App Support/OF and the prefs file to my rsync script that backs-up to a drive. I take that drive to work, sync it to my work machine with a similar rsync script, then sync it back to the drive before I leave, come home and re-sync it to my machine, etc.

Seems like a harmless enough process to me. But if OF happens to be open when I run the script, the next time it launches it get some variety of these error msg-- I'll get the box a dozen times or more in a row and just sit there hitting OK. The file doesn't actually open, but I usually figure out how to cajole into working somehow. There may be a "not the best idea" in my process there somewhere...but I also don't have these issues with other apps.

Needless to say, I'd like to take care of this and have a "trusted system" of accessing my "trusted system." :)

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