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Fairly new to the Pro version-- Some experience with OG, but looking to make my use of it more efficient and consistent. What I ultimately want is a sort of "style sheet" for a particular use-- This would be some kind of template-like thing that could be used to generate new diagrams with certain available preset objects, text styles, etc. After all the reading and experimenting I've done so far, I find myself confused about what the best approach in OG is.

For examples, I've made some stencils for objects. I want to pre-define certain kinds of lines & labels too, so I've made stencils of those. But a stencil isn't applied the way a line is, it behaves more like a shape. In addition, when I put a line label on the line, it creates 2 separate items in the stencil, unless I group them. This is not really a problem, just seems like a line and its label would stay together by default.

From there, I want to be able to pre-define the text for those labels (color, font, orientation) and maybe a style for text notes or a title.

Is this best in a template or document style? Or something else? I can't really find anything like a "style library." Is there anything more robust than the little list that forms in the drop-down of a tool?

Many thanks,