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I'm having quite a time to get costs to calculate correctly when assigned to multiple resources. Often it will calculate correctly, but sometimes the results are completely flaky. For instance, I have a one year task duration constrained, effort recalculates. I assign one resource, and the cost calculates correctly. I assign any additional resources and the cost disappears. I change the end date one day forward and the total resource costs appear correctly. Change back to the original date, and the costs disappear.

In another case I have a one year task, I assign it partially to one resource (20%) and the cost is assigned correctly (~$30k), I assign it partially to a different resource (also 20%) and the cost for the entire year shows as $100. Both resources calculate correctly when assigned to certain other tasks.

I am having a real hard time using the cost feature, and wonder if its just inherently very buggy right now, or if there are tips/tricks I can try or situations I should avoid?
Could you send in your OmniPlan files to If these bugs are easy to reproduce then they'll be very helpful for us to use while we try to track down the issue.