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My primary use for OO is to want to quickly capture notes and then be able to paste them into Entourage (2008) and/or Mail (depending on if it's for work or personal).

Unfortunately, though OO does a great job of capturing an outline I have problems when pasting it into (some) other applications.

* When I paste into Entourage it seems okay with respect to the levels, but instead of wrapping text, it pastes it as a fixed width column. I.e. it seems to be plain text rather than RTF.
* When I paste into Mail, it doesn't capture all the indents. E.g. the level 3 indents show up as level 2 indents.

When I paste into Word, it seems to work perfectly. Note that these are all going to non-Mac users, so I cannot send the notes in native OO format.

Any suggestions / solutions?