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I am trying to get OmniFocus to sync and then quit itself once it has finished syncing.

Somewhere along the way I found this AppleScript to tell OmniFocus to sync:
	osascript << EOI
	if application "OmniFocus" is running then
		tell application "OmniFocus"
			synchronize front document
		end tell
	end if
However, I noticed that AppleScript seems to just tell OmniFocus to do that, but it 'returns' before the sync is actually finished.

1. Is there a way to tell OmniFocus to "Sync and Then Quit" using AppleScript, and if so, how?

2. Am I correct that if I choose 'Quit' from OmniFocus' menu, and it needs to sync first, it will attempt to do so before quitting?

(If the answer to #2 is yes then I don't really need an answer to #1, except out of curiosity.)