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Are those entitlements something that can be modified by end users? Seems not from what I can gather.
Developers can update the entitlements of the app using the "codesign" command-line tool. For example, if I wanted to add org.example.MyExampleApp:MyExampleApp to OmniGraffle's entitlements (making a copy of the app as just in case something breaks), I'd do this:

codesign --display --entitlements :- > /tmp/OmniGraffle.entitlements.plist
defaults write /tmp/OmniGraffle.entitlements.plist -array-add "org.example.MyExampleApp:MyExampleApp"
plutil -convert xml1 /tmp/OmniGraffle.entitlements.plist
codesign --force --sign "Mac Developer:" --entitlements /tmp/OmniGraffle.entitlements.plist
Hope this helps!

(But you can see why I'm thinking we should ultimately switch LinkBack over to using some other communication mechanism which doesn't require app-specific entitlements!)