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Greetings all,

I'm having trouble with a date column and trying to make it narrower. The date format I have set for the column is "abbreviated by name," immediately followed by "month by number," (without a space between them) followed by a / which is then followed by "day as number." Which ends up reading: "Tue04/14".
In version 3, when I make the column just the right with it reads like this:


in version 4 I am unable to adjust the width of the column any narrower than whatever with its restricting me to and the result looks like this:


I much preferably results in version 3 as it takes up much less paper when printing to have the narrower column. I have searched for the old window that used to show up under page setup that allowed me to adjust columns for plain text export. I have no idea whether this will solve the problem, but I was going to give that a try.

Is there a workaround/fix/solution?
I have uploaded a screenshot.

Thanks, Scott
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