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After ten years of using other hierarchical todo tools, I am struggling very hard with OmniFocus for iPhone.

It feels like iPhone version is only made for completing items added on Mac, but hardly for capturing and organizing further actions as I go with my projects. While, as for me, on-the-go usage is one of the most productive in organizing thoughts in an actionable way.
And for me, the iPhone is what I use most often for capturing and organizing actions. I think that the difference is that I don't like deep hierarchies.

I essentially never have subtasks, and my folders are rarely more than one deep. (That is, one line of folders up under "Library", and several projects per folder. Once in a while, I'll have a folder under a folder.)

I also tend to cut off planning at a certain point and move the associated data to some other software. For example, OmniFocus may have an action, "Choose book from reading list", but the actual reading list will be in Reminders. OmniFocus may have "Make sewing shopping list" as part of "Prep for trip to Portland", but the sewing shopping list will come from my OmniOutliner Sewing outline, and will be entered into Reminders.

I'm not saying that you should do this, I'm just saying that this is why OmniFocus on the iPhone works just dandy for me.

Edited to add: My lack of hierarchical organization doesn't mean that I always have flat, simple projects. It just means that I don't care about seeing the complexities in the layout. So where someone might have a project "Create vegetable garden" with a bunch of sub projects and sub-sub projects, I'd have:

Folder: Gardening
Project: Complete spring seed order
Project: Get ground prepped
Project: Research growing blueberries
Project: Rabbit fence around garden

and so on and so on.