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I am currently making the exact opposite move. The functionality in OmniFocus 2 is so bad for my workflow that for the first time since about 2008 I am looking for a different productivity software and have settled on moving from OmniFocus to Things for my productivity needs.

Concerning your inquiry; OmniFocus 2 does not support tagging or multiple context. I am a pretty strict user of GTD and have not implemented any form of tagging in OmniFocus myself. I do understand users have added hashtags in the notes section of individual tasks and used search to filter a context list. I am not sure if the workaround functions on iOS devices or not. The requirement of manually adding and maintaining this type of workaround seems pretty difficult to implement to me, I hesitate even mentioning it, and I am not sure how well it worked for those users.

I would suggest for you to ask around and see what other users suggest in the OmniFocus 2 forums.

Can I ask why you are venturing from Things to OmniFocus? I see you consider the move a productivity improvement and I am well aware that workflows differ among users. What I am curious about is if there was any functionality or feature difference you see as beneficial in one software over the other.

Thank you for any input and I hope I helped somewhat even though I do not utilize tagging.


Did a quick search in the OmniFocus 2 forums and the solution I mentioned already has a posting.