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Hmm yes I just tried that. I created a a task in iCal, in a calendar called "Mandy", called "test [New Shower]", and synced. It correctly gave it a project of "New Shower", and a context of "Mandy", but put it into my inbox rather than the project/context.

Then, as soon as I hit clean up, without editing it at all, it was removed from Inbox and filed correctly. I guess the logic is that anything coming into OF should come via the inbox so you have an oportunity to process it, but maybe this should respect the "immediately clean up Quick Entry items" setting in OF, which bypasses the inbox if an item already has a context and a project. It's essentially the same thing - just another form of Quick Entry.

I'm not sure really. I quite like the idea that if someone else has created an item, I'll be alerted to it when I look at my inbox, even if I don't need to edit it. I suspect the behaviour I want would vary depending on the nature of the incoming item or at least on its project/context, so the current behaviour may be the only safe one.


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