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I purchased OmniFocus while I was in Japan and now I am in Los Angeles. It's very apparent to me the majority of projects (if not all) in Japan are on hold and my focus is to get done what I *must* get done (ie. needs to be physically done here like cleaning the garage) in Los Angeles.

I have my root folders set up as goals and each goal folder has both Japan and LA projects in it. Now I don't want to see all my projects I have planned for the next 3-4 months in LA so I put all the projects I'm not focused on this week on hold.

Problem is when I put my LA projects on hold, they get "merged" in with my Japan projects and the following week, I have redistinguish the two realms.

Now my current workaround will be to create a temporary LA folder, toss all my LA projects in it, and use the "focus" feature to see my action lists for LA.

Is there anyone who is in a similar situation? How have you solved this problem?

I would love to see a way to put location meta-data and just set a Perspective to filter by city/location. Of course, this would elude to a natural iPhone integration for us globetrotters out there but I digress...I'd like to get something workable on the desktop first!