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OmniFocus 1.x was designed around a single-user workflow; we've discussed these sorts of scenarios for inclusion in some future version of the application, but the syncing and export both currently work on your full database.
One thing that is a bit odd (and I've reported it) is that the documentation claims that the File->Export command will only export the data in view. That's true for many of the output options, but the ones that export to OmniFocus file types all do the whole database for some reason.

A heads-up for the original poster: you can do as Brian suggests, whittling down a file to just the part(s) you need and sending it to your contractor. However, when they open the file and copy the project into their database, if the context names match existing context names, duplicates will be created. This isn't too hard to fix up if you know that it happens, but it's confusing if you don't realize it has happened and you're looking at one of the duplicated contexts wondering where the other actions you know should be there are! Here's a post describing the process (and fix).