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You'll also need to tighten up your definition of just what you are looking to show. Are you interested in actions starting this morning, actions due this morning, actions which are available this morning?
Sorry about that, yes actions that start in the morning mostly. It would be helpful to also show due items as well (although due and flagged items seem to show alright for me currently in OF 1.9.).

The main problem is all my "Start Anytime" actions are pushing my "Start Today" down to the bottom. Flagged items always have start dates for me and obviously Due items wouldn't show up at the top as "Start Anytime".
I can't figure out a way to just show actions for today and better yet start and due actions between certain hours. If I could do that I could set it for the day as well and two problems would be solved!

Thanks for pointing me in the right directions you are one of the three main Jedi's that I have noticed on this forum during the one month that I have been here (since I discovered OF). I won't mention the others for fear of offending someone but there are a few others that are close behind.

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