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Hey everybody,

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else has already asked this, but I looked around and couldn't find anything. So if the question I'm about to ask has already been answered...just point me towards it!

I use 2 users on my machine. I do this because I'm just obsessive about keeping work and personal separated. I like, but I don't want my work email encroaching into my personal life! I don't want work files getting lost with personal files, etc.

I need to sync OmniFocus between the 2 users and my iPhone.

I've been doing this using WebSync and it works great. It's a little silly in practice that I'm using the web to sync 2 OmniFocus databases on the same machine, but you get over it.

The only problem is WebSync is a little pokey with an EDGE iPhone. Omni has done a GREAT GREAT job of speeding it up, but if I don't open OF for a few days on my iPhone it can take a minute or 2 to sync up.

I'd like to switch to Bonjour/WiFi syncing, because I think it would be SO MUCH FASTER between iPhone and Computer. The only problem is that if I do this I'll have to disable the WebDAV Sync to keep my 2 user profiles synced.

Suggestions? I have seen some murmurings about DropBox...could this be a solution as long as I only had OF open on one user's profile at a time?