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I've used OG 4-5 for a lot of things including mind mapping. However, I'm getting more into mind mapping as a way to outline projects and I'm wondering: Is there anyone that uses OG5 or 6 for mind maps and how does it compare to some of the specific mind mapping mac apps like Novamind?

It seems that Omnigroup is avoiding the term "mind map" and refers to "diagrams" although this doesn't mean it doesn't have great potential for mind mapping.

Honestly, OG has such a great UI and is so nice to use an Mac I'd prefer to upgrade to OG6 instead of purchasing a separate MM application. I'm pretty sure I'll still upgrade to OG6 because I use it for other tasks, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any input and/or experience and/or prefers mind mapping/project planning/ brain storming using OG.