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Does OmniOutliner 4 improve cut and paste?

Many times I using OmniOutliner to create notes, yet cutting and pasting creates a big mess with attempts at checkboxes, indention etc. Would be really helpful to have options to remove all that.
OmniOutliner has options to remove all those things in its Text and RTF Export preferences. (These options are pretty much the same in OmniOutliner 4 as in OmniOutliner 3, but there are options for turning off bullets, checkboxes, spacing, etc. in both versions.)

Is there a trial version of OmniOutliner 4 available?
Certainly! All our apps have a free two-week trial which you can download using the "Download Pro/Standard" link from the app's main product page. (It's the same binary that you download when purchasing the app, it just runs in trial mode until you enter a license code.)