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As an aside, I would definitely recommend upgrading to OG6. I find it wonderful to work with: even on an MBA 11" (which is definitely pushing things screenwise).

To me one current weakness in OG is the inability to import OPML files. This is really the "standard" for cross-app sharing of outlined information (whether it be a regular outline or a mind map). So if I currently want to bring a mindmap into OG6 (which I think you'd want to do once in awhile to really spiffy things up) I have to export to OPML, import to OmniOutliner, save as OO, then import to OG. This is doable (if you have OO) but unnecessarily cumbersome.

By the way, OPML is a great format that allows a lot of flexibility and transferability in your work. I do expect OG to import OPML at sometime in the future (their folks have already indicated I'm not the first to request this feature).

While there are a lot of mind mapping apps out there, what might be best for you really depends on your specific usage. So if you tell us a bit more about that (if you know yourself) then we might be able to tailor our recommendations a bit more.