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Do you have OmniOutliner 4 Pro? All the OO3 actions used AppleScript. Your best bet would be to use the Run AppleScript action to replicate what you need. Assuming you even need to use Automator versus running the script through other means. There have been scripts to do exporting recently posted such as this one. If you need help writing a script for your specific purposes, then starting a new thread would be best.
Thanks, Derek. I do own OmniOutliner Pro 4. I can go the AppleScript route, but that's inconvenient, since I was hoping to plunk an updated action into my workflow and be on my way. It sounds like Omni is dropping Automator support for OO4P. If that's true, please put that in the product info and release notes, with pointers to the AS equivalents of the Automator actions, if they exist. I might not have upgraded from OOP3 if I'd known it would break my Automator workflows.