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In my search for a better ToDo list I decided that I would like to add a date stamp to completed actions. My todo list has two main sections : Open and Closed.

The Open section is subdivided into tasks and these containers hold the actual actions. The closed section is subdivided into months and closed or completed actions are stored in the month container they were completed.

To use I enter any new actions and set their priority and start dates next I add a check mark against any completed actions and then run my "move" script.

The move script sets the text style of each action according to the priority and start dates, it then appends the completion date to the text of each completed entry as well as adding it to a cell in a date column. Next it moves the completed entries to the correct month folder inside the closed section.

Before I made the append date modification my script worked o.k. but once added the move command completes the move but shifts the date stamp to the wrong action in the open section whenever the initial action is not the first in the list, I guess that some internal pointers are getting confused.

I have attached the text of my script and an oo3 file in an zip archive (I hope!).

Any thoughts?

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